David Bowie "She's Got Medals" lyrics

She's Got Medals

She'd walk through the door and she'd set up the drinkson the houseShe played a good game of darts, and the men slappedher backAnd never took her outShe wore a trenchcoat khakiHer hobnail boots were full of holesShe's got medalsHer mother called her Mary, she changed her name to Tommy,she's a one, ohShe went and joined the army, passed the medicalDon't ask me how it's doneThey sent her to the front lineFighting for her country's nameShe's got medalsShe got very tired of picking up girlsCleaning her gun and shaving her curlsThen the enemy dropped a bombSurvivors there were nonePeople say that when the moon is full and all the stars have gone to bedYou can see her ghost but that's a lie because the naughty woman isn't deadShe deserted on the previous morningReplaced her uniform with dresses silk and greenCalled herself EileenCame to London townNow she's settled downShe's got medals

Here one can find the lyrics of the song She's Got Medals by David Bowie. Or She's Got Medals poem lyrics. David Bowie She's Got Medals text. Also can be known by title Shes Got Medals (David Bowie) text.