Joseph Attieh "El ha2 mabi mout" lyrics

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El ha2 mabi mout

Libnan jana m2adasa2o3a tekhatrou fehaHaedi wasya mkarsaW majd el rab hameeha

El anbia2 mshou ala trabathaWl arz faw2 jbalha7amy shawatehaaa

Libnan ra7 yrja3Wl 7a2 ma bi moutWl shams ra7 tetla3Tzayn sama bayrout

Mn hon ma mnfl7asron b3ayn el klB halard badna ndalLaw b2y khams byout

La t2oul badi rou7Ttrouk watan majrou7Wl rou7 lama trou7Bl jasad bado ymout

the right will never die

Lebanon is a blessed heavenbe aware don’t put it in riskthis is a sanctified willand the glory of God is protecting it

the prophets walked on its soiland the cedar above its mountainsis keeping its beaches

Lebanon will returnand the right will never dieand the sun will riseand beautify bayrut’s sky

we will not quit from herewe will restrict them by our eyesin this land we want to stayeven if only 5 houses remained

dont say I want to goand leave your wounded countryand if the soul will exitfrom the body ,it (the body)will die (it mean if the people leave their land ,the country will die)

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