Sia "Snowman" lyrics

Translation to:elesfrhrrutr


Don't cry snowman right in front of meWho will catch your tears if you can't catch meDarlingIf you can't catch meDarlingDon't cry snowman don't leave me this wayA puddle of water can't hold me close babyCan't hold me close baby

I want you to know that I'm never leavingCause I'll miss the snow 'till death has me freezingYou are my home, my home for all seasonsSo come on let's goLet's go below zeroAnd hide from the sunI love you foreverAnd we'll have some funYes let's hit the North Pole and live happilyPlease don't cry no tears now it's Christmas baby

My snowman and meMy snowman and meBaby

Don't cry snowmanDon't you fear the sunWho'll carry me without legs to runHoneyWithout legs to runHoneyDon't cry snowmanDon't you shed a tearWho'll hear my secrets if you don't have earsBabyIf you don't have earsBaby

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