Nicki Minaj "Warning" lyrics


[Nicki]Who the hell is thisCallin me at 12:47 in the nightWhile im watchin the fightLookin at the phone, there's no name in siteBlocked ID, knew somthin just wasn't rightIt's my girl Kandy from out in MiamiTellin me that my man with some bitch in the CamryCar seat in the back like he started a familyyo Kand stop playinWhat the fuck is you sayin

["Kandy"]Rememba them chicks from the bricks round 96'That we seen when we hit the lick by the projects

[Nicki]Oh you mean Leah, Lil sister MariaI use to go see her in front of the Pizzaria

["Kandy"]I didn't say themThey schooled me to some bitch that you know from back whenSome bitch named KimLight skinned, slim, use to rock a low brimFollowed them to the crib but the lights real dimThey hit me on the chirp warnin me, now I'm warnin youWhat's it gonna be Nicki, tell me what you wanna do

[Nicki]Damn imma have to send her to her maker,Damn imma have to send her to her maker,Damn imma have to send her to her maker(Imma) Send her to her maker(Imma) Send her to her maker

["Kandy"]They heard about his good sexinLong erection, nice complexionMagnums for protectionThey even heard about his tongue game

How the nigga give brain ain't stop till the cum cameBut thats word to Hip HopI'll pop the bitch topLike a Carona

[Nicki]Call the coroner!!Its gonna be a lot of black dresses & chest vestesIf i find out he got a next missesWhat you think all the goons is for2 by the door, a few more out in New YorkAnd I feed em curry chickenI'm all about my green, naw-meanGot some fat bitches in the kitchenI got a spot like oxAnd we cook oxtailsGot a scale for whats in the mailI got watever on my nigga bailBut if the nigga bailI have him sleepin with some killer whalesDamn! Bitches wanna fuck with my manOn the other hand things ain't always what you planIt's the ones up in ya prom pictures, salon with yaNow they wanna creep in ya man JeepI bet you Nicki won't sleepCuz imma put the heat to ya beakYou bird like tweet tweetAnd watch her smoke like a ciggareteShoulda left the bitch a pack of nicoretteLeave all them foul bitches wetI give a fuck about you and bum crewMami I'm the truth, they salute when I come throughI'm not runninBitch i bust my gun and -Hold on, I hear somebody comin

*bang bang bang*police open up!!

Oh shitThat bitch Kandy set me up

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