Nicki Minaj "Fuck You Silly" lyrics

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Fuck You Silly

Yo CassieYou a bad bitch Ima call you LassieJust left the tour last date TallahasseDon't mind meEven witcha GPS couldn't find meLookin at this boy Ima call him McDreamyI was wonderin if he got a good Dick CheneyGot a Lamborghini so the doors go highIn a button down Chris Brown bow tie!

[cassie's part...]

Is that my cueI'm lookin for some brain to boost my IQI'm like 5'2My SAT sc-scores was high tooBut I don't wanna brag, I Loui Vuitton bagged himHopped out the jag proceeded to shag-shagged himThought he was a queen I dr-dr-dragged himDodged to the room and whipped out the magnumSlim, trim, also light skinNow P-P-Peter put the pipe inYes sir I am that bitchFuck U Silly like the rabbit*giggles*Giddy Up Giddy UpNow wake Diddy up Diddy up Diddy upYoung Money NickiBadboy CassieYou wanna minajNow lets get nasty

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