Yasmin Levy "Komo La Roza" lyrics

Translation to:eneoesfahrptruto

Komo La Roza

Komo la roza en la guertai las flores sin avrir,ansi es una donzeyaa las oras de murir.

Tristes oras en el diake hazina ya kayokomo la reina en su lechoya kayo i se dezmayo.

Avri puertas i ventanaske la ija ya bolo.Ken la viya la yorava,de ver a este andjel murir

Like The Rose

Like the rose in the gardenAnd the flowers, they have yet to bloomThis is a young maidenIn her last hours of life.

Sad, are the hours of the dayWhen she fell illLike a queen in her deathbedShe has fallen, she has fainted.

I opened the doors and the windowsFor the/my daughter has flown away1All those who see her, mournIn seeing this angel die.

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