U2 "Your Blue Room" lyrics

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Your Blue Room

It's time to go againTo your blue roomGot some questions to ask of youIn your blue room

The air is cleanYour skin is clearI've had enough ofhanging round hereIt's a different kind of conversationIn your blue room

Saw me comingIn and outsideSaw me comingSomewhere to hide

And time is a string of pearlsYour blue roomOnce againSee the future just hanging thereYour blue roomA new frameA new perspectiveLooking down on my objectivesYour instructionsWhatever their directionsYour blue room

Saw me comingEast by the moonSaw me comingCan you feel

(It's allright)

Your blue room

One day I'll be backYour blue roomYeah, I hope I remember where it's atYour blue room

We see me slide downWon't you give me a homeSo much for change

Zooming inZooming outNothing I can't do withoutA lense to it all up closeTo Magnify what no one knowsNever in companyNever aloneNo car alarmNo cellular phone

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