Goran Bregović "Ausencia" lyrics

Translation to:elenesptroru


Ausencia, ausenciaSi asa um tivessePa voa na esse distanciaSi um gazela um fossePa corrê sem nem um cansera

Anton ja na bo seioUm tava ba manchêE nunca mas ausenciaTa ser nôs lema

Ma sô na pensamentoUm ta viajà sem medoNha liberdade um tê'lE sô na nha sonho

Na nha sonho miéforteUm tem bô proteçäoUm tem sô bô carinhoE bô sorriso

Ai solidäo tô'meSima sol sozim na céuSô ta brilhà ma ta cegàNa sê claräoSem sabe pa onde lumiaPa ondê baiAi solidäo é um sina

Ausencia, ausencia


Absence, absence...

If I got wingsTo fly at that distanceIf I was a gazzellaTo run without getting tired

Then, at your sideI would see the daylightAnd "absence never again"It would be our lemma

But only in my thoughtsI travel without fearI got my freedomOnly in my dreams

In my deep dreamsI have your protectionI have your loveAnd your smile

Oh, I’m feeling lonelyLike the Sun alone in the skyThe sunshine is blindCan’t see his clarityWhat he is illuminatingWhere he goes nextOh, solitude is my faith...

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