Haifa Wehbe "Allaha Bahebik (قاللها بحبك)" lyrics

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Allaha Bahebik (قاللها بحبك)

هو قاللها بحبكوهيا قالتله بتموت فيههو مشاعره كدابةوهي كانت بتلعب بيه

اللي مابينهمقصة تحير أي دماغفي الآخر يطلع كل الحبده وقت فراغوملخص كل الوقت دهيطلع على مفيش

واتاري مشاعرهمملت م التعامل ببروداحساسهم كله مزيفأصلاً مش موجود

وازاي في وسط كل دهفي احساس يعيش

هي بتقول أجمل هديةوهو يقول كتاب مفتوحلكن لما نقرب شويةبيظهر كل شيء بوضوح

He Told her I Love You

He told her I love youAnd she told him "I love you to death"His feelings were a lieAnd she was playing with him

What's between themis a story that can baffle any mindAnd in the end, it turns out that all the loveWas wasted timeAnd the conclusion of all this timeturns out to be nothing

And turns out that their emotionshave grown bored of treating each other coldlyTheir feelings are all fakeThey don't even exist

And how can, under all these circumstances,Any feelings live?

She says she is the most beautiful gift,And he says that he is an open bookBut if we zoom in closelyEverything is revealed clearly

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