Amr Diab "Yamaa (ياما)" lyrics

Translation to:enhu

Yamaa (ياما)

ياما اتخاصمنا ليالي بس عمر فراقي ما جه علي بالهليله حبيبي غاب الليله يا تري جاي الليله ولا هنت عليه

تاني ياريته يرجع تاني حبيبي ليه خلاني وصلت للي انا فيه

اه ده حبيبي واللي بيني وبينه ذكري غاليه في قلبي و احلي لياليعيني ده الفراق علي عيني حبيبي , يوم ما يجيني حنسي كان في ايه


We had quarreled many nights, but she never thought of leaving meA night, it's been a whole night since my baby left, I wonder if she's coming back tonight or she doesn't feel bad for meAgain, I hope she comes back again, why did my love let me reach the [current] state I am inOh she is my love, we share a precious memory in my heart and the loveliest nightsMy eyes, this distance has cost me my eyes, when my darling comes back I will have forgotten what [the argument] was over

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