"Shit on You" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: HR EL

I'LL SHIT ON YOU...Da da..da da..
I'LL SHIT ON YOU...Da da..da da..
I'LL SHIT ON YOU...Da da..da da..
I'LL SHIT ON YOU...Da da..da da..
I'LL SHIT ON YOU...I will shit on you
I'LL SHIT ON YOU...Girl you know
I'LL SHIT ON YOU...Bitch or men
I'LL SHIT ON YOU...I will shit on you

[Swifty McVay]
I remain fatter than gluttony
Taping bombs to the back of record companies
Blow 'em up if they ain't want me
The national guard, they scared of huntin' me
I love beef; I got you hoes ducking me
A drug thief, bitch I'll take your marijuana
These slugs'll keep your ass away from my corner
I drown niggas in hundred degree saunas
You can act a fool if ya wanna (biatch!)
It's this lyrical piranha
Strapped wit a grenade, in the pool with ya mama
Attack her by the legs then I pull her to the bottom
Twist nuttin' up like a condom
Slap it if you fuckers got a problem
When I see 'em, you hoes ending up in a fucking mausoleum
Or hidden in the trunk of a black and gold BM
Pull in the garage while you screaming
Keep the motor on then I'm leaving (I'll shit on you!)
I'll shit on you!

[Hook: Eminem]
I will shit on you I don't care who you are
I'll shit on you!
I don't give a fuck about you or your car
I'll shit on you!
Fuck your house, fuck your jewelry and fuck your watch
I'll shit on you!
Fuck your wife, fuck your kids, fuck your family
I'll shit on you!

I'm a alcoholic, where's the fucking toilet?
Pass the hot dogs (Bizarre aren't you Islamic?)
Bitch, shut your fucking mouth
I'mma keep eating 'til Richard Simmons comes to my house
With a chain saw to cut me out (me out, me out!)
I'll fuck your wife, I had sex since I met her
Too busy fucking with your twelve year old baby sitter (hahaha)
And all women ain't shit - only good for cooking, cleaning
And sucking dick - and that's it! (I said it)
I'm responsible for killing John Candy
Got Jon Benet Ramsey in my '98 Camry
I don't give a fuck who you are
I'll shit on anybody; truly yours the idiotic Bizarre

My adolescent years weren't shit to what I do now
I never grew up, I was born grown and grew down
The older I get, the dumber the shit, I get in
The more ignorant, the incident is, I fit in
Ignoring the shit how boring it gets
When there's no one to hit
I don't know when to quit throwing a fit
I know I'm a bit flaky but they make me
It's they who egged me and say they can take me
It's they who legs I brake and make achy
It's they who mistake me and make me so ANGRY!
(I'll shit on you!) I'll spit on you
Start pissing and do the opposite on you
You weren't listening, I said I'll cop a squat on you
Start spilling my guts like chicken cordon bleu and
Straight shit like Notorious B.I.G. did to that bitch
On his skit on his last album
Pull my pants downward and I'll-


[Kon Artis]
Is Richard Pryor still alive?
If not I'm sicker than he was prior to him dying (what?)
Born brainless, this steel ain't stainless
Your bloodstains are all over this steel god dang-it
Bitch bring it, these niggas that I hang with
I hang you up naked by your ankles dangling (oww, oww)
My need I stay strangling, I don't need your help
If you don't give me the pussy
I'll un-loosen my belt (I'll shit on you!)
I'm what your daddy's not, your mom's kinda cock
Your sister tends court, your aunt supply her rocks
Buck fifty cross your neck
Floss your teck, I'll beat you wit it across your chest

Yo, it's only right I jack your car keys and run
Spent all of my advancements on weed and guns
For fun, when I'm drunk
I'll run a truck through the weed house
Jump out and beat ya peeps down worst than Steve Stout
Put you in chokeholds I learned last week
From the Police man who caught me stealing weed from his jeep
(hey, hey, hey!) I see hoes biting, y'all don't wanna brawl
That's like Deebo fighting Peabo Bryson (I'll shit on you!)
Fuck what you hollering and yelling about
I'll reach in your mouth and pull your fucking skeleton out!
Niggas get hit wit a two piece; (bling bling)
Wit a poisonous sting, I'm such a violent thing


Once I get on two, hits of X
My disk slips and disconnects
'til I walk around this bitch with a twisted neck
But still shit on the first bitch who disrespects
(c'mon, I'll shit on you!) Over reaction is my only reaction
Which only sets off a chain reaction
And puts five more zany acting maniacs in action
A rat pack in black jackets who pack ten
Nine millimeters, five criminals pulling heaters
And spilling liters of blood like swimming pools
Shiesty individuals shoot at bitches too {*bullets spray*}
A lot of people say misogynistic which is true
I don't deny it matter of fact I stand by it
So please stand by it before we start up a damn riot
If you don't wanna get stampeded then stand quiet
Boy, girl, dog, woman, man, child (I'll shit on you!)