Kristina från Duvemåla (musical) "Miscarriage" Songtext


UlrikaI speak to you, Karl OskarAs a friend who loves KristinaYour child is lost, and more that that -

Karl OskarYou frighten me, Ulrika

UlrikaMore than that, it's up to you, dear friend,If poor Kristina lives or dies

It's just as well you're frightenedDoctor says I've got to scare youShe's torn apart insideNot one more child she'll ever bear youIf you want to save herYou must never ever lie with her again

Karl OskarDear Kristina, my dear belovedMy dearest friend

UlrikaI know you feel her painI've always known how much you love herThe years have brought her lowBut left alone she will recoverDoctor says she has to restShe cannot work as hard as she has done

Karl OskarThey have warned meNo more of childrenOr she will die!

UlrikaYou heed my words, Karl OskarHeavy words indeed I've spokenYou must protect her nowHer body racked, her spirit brokenYou're responsible, Karl OskarNo more children now or she...

Hier finden Sie den Text des Liedes Miscarriage Song von Kristina från Duvemåla (musical). Oder der Gedichttext Miscarriage. Kristina från Duvemåla (musical) Miscarriage Text.