Hairspray (OST) "It Takes Two" Songtext

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It Takes Two

[GUYS]Oo­, oo­, oo­, oo­, oo­Oo, oo­, oo, ooIt takes twoOo.oo, oo, oo.oo­, ooDoo doo, wop!

[ZAC]They say it's a man's worldWell, that cannot be deniedBut what good's a man's worldWithout a woman by his sideAnd so I will waitUntil that moment you decide

[ZAC & GUYS]That I'm your manAnd you're my girlThat I'm the seaAnd you're the pearlIt takes two, baby,It takes two

[ZAC]A king ain't a kingWithout the power behind the throneA prince is a pauper. Babe,Without a chick to call his ownSo please, darling, choose meI don't wanna rule aloneTell me,

[ZAC & GUYS]I'm your kingAnd you're my queenThat no one elseCan come betweenIt takes two, baby,It takes two

[GUYS]Don't you know

[ZAC]Lancelot had guinevereMrs. Claus has old st. NickRomeo had julietAnd liz, well, she has her dick

They say it takes two to tangoWell, that tango's child's playSo take me to the dance floorAnd we'll twist the night away

Just like frankie avalonHad his favorite mouseketeerI dream of a lover, babe,To say the things I long to hearSo come closer baby,Oh and whisper in my ear

Tell me!

[ZAC & GUYS]That you're my girlAnd I'm your boyThat you're my prideAnd I'm your joyThat I'm the sandAnd you're the tideI'll be the groomIf you'll be my brideIt takes two, baby,It takes twoIt takes two, babyIt takes twoooooooo ohhhhooohhhhhhhhh

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