Lanny Wolfe "A BRAND NEW TOUCH" Liedtext

Verse One:
I thought the sun had come to stay,
but all too soon it went away
And in its place the storm clouds came
and with the clouds there came the rain
It rained so hard and, oh, so long
but midst the storm I felt a calm
It was your touch that brought me through it all
Without your help I’d surely fall.

Lord, You know I need a brand new touch
My strength from yesterday is gone
But if you’ll give me, Lord, another touch
I’ll have the strength to carry on.

Verse Two:
Yesterday has come and gone
And now a new day’s comin’ on
I do not know what it may bring
My heart may cry instead of sing
But it matters not what comes my way, Lord
If you’ll just touch me new each day
Your loving touch drives all my fears away
Close by Your side I want to stay.

Lord, You know how weak I really am
Even better than myself
But with Your help I know I really can
Make it through the darkest night
Ev’rything’s gonna’ be all right.