Ruby "Yay" Liedtext

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فى عين تحب يبان عليها
وعين تخبى الخوف ماليها
وعين تبان اشواقها فيها
وكل دة انا حاسه بييه
مالى قلبى ليه مش قادر ينسا عنيك
مايكنشى هواك
مالى عينى رايحه وجايا عليك
ياحبيبى تستناك
مالى دوبت مالحنيه
وصعب علييا ماكنشى معاك

There's love that shows in some people's eyes

And other's that hide the fear inside

And eyes that show the passion inside

And I am guilty of all three

What's wrong with me, why can't I forget your eyes?

It can't be your love

What's wrong with me, my eyes are constantly on you

My darling, I'm waiting

What's wrong with me falling into his sweetness

And it's hard for me not to be with you