Samira Tawfiq "Dabke Ghanou Ya Ahbab (يا حسرتي عالوفا)" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

marhaba shabab el 7ema
marhaba sabaya el hay

3ahd esseba ya amal
le kol kayen 7ay

ghannou lhanna wel mouna
7atta ettabi3a tgool

7ay lel fara7 wel mara7 7ay letelagi
7ay letalagi 7ay

ghannou ya a7bab
3al 7ob w ayyamou
hannou eshabbab bi rabi3u we ayyamu

ghannou el ayyam zeynet layaliha
we goulou el a7lam 7elwa bma3iniha

galbi elli han bih yefra7 biha
w khalli ellewam yloomu mahma lamu

law shoft el 7ob bel 3ali latoulou
wamshi 3ala darb 3ardh el hawa we toulou

welli ma 7ab
3anni be tgoloulou
shou naf3 el galb
en ma jarrab gharamou

ya sa3d el da2
ta3me el hawa we shafoo
ghanna el ashwag be na3imo w awsafu
nada el 3oshag yetghnnou be altafou
yjibu etteriyag men jannet ilhamou

welcome oh the youth of the quarters
welcome oh girls of the neigborhood

it'sthe era of the yout, oh hope!
to every living being

sing the joy and the desire
so the nature sees

let's go to the joy and laughter ,let's go to the meetings
let's go to the meeting hello

sing oh my beloved ones
about the day and it's days
make the youth happy with the spring and its days

sing ,cause the days decorated its nights
and say that dreams are sweet with its own meaning

my poor heart will be happy with it
and let the blamers blame no matter how much

if you see the love in the horizon,so reach it
and i'll walk on the path of the width and the height of the love

and the one who didn't love
say to him on my behalf
what's the use of the heart
if it didn't try its love

how happy is the one who tasted
the taste of the passion and saw it
and sang the longing with it heaven and its caracteristics
he called the lovers to sing about his qualities
and bring the cure of the paradise of its inspiration