Holograf "Am ramas doar noi" Liedtext

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Am ramas doar noi,
Desi in jur e-atata lume care
De-un milion de ori,
A ascultat povestea noastra trista,
Si s-a minunat
Ca inca nu s-a terminat,
Ca mainile se mai ating usor, in timp ce ochii nostri se privesc...
Am ramas doar noi...

Ei, care ne privesc,
Nu pot cuprinde-n mintea lor nimic
De ce mai stau si ma alint,
De ce zambesc si ma prefac ca inteleg
Cand spui cuvinte dulci,
De fapt nu inteleg nimic,
Tu vrei sa fugi de fapt,
Tu vrei sa se termine acum,
Iar eu incerc ca un nebun sa te opresc.
Ca un nebun incerc sa te opresc.

Stai, nu poti sa pleci asa
Stai, fara sa-mi lasi ceva
Stai, nu poti sa pleci asa
Esti tot ce mai am...
Esti tot ce mai am...

Insa daca vii,
Nu am sa-ti spun nimic, sa stii,
Din toate cele care ne-au mintit,
Nu am sa-ti spun nimic din cele care viata ne-au schimbat,
Si ne-au indepartat,
Increderea din noi s-a destramat pe veci,
Si am ajuns ca un nebun sa incerc sa te opresc, acum,
Ca un nebun ...
Incerc sa te opresc...


Nimeni nu ne-a intrebat,
Cata vreme a trecut,
Fiecare separat,
In intreg nu am crezut,
Viata langa mine-a stat,
Langa tine-a inceput.
Ca un nebun te chem acum,
Ca un nebun te chem acum...


Ne vedem mereu
Si spunem lucruri care, fara voia noastra
Au murit demult.
La fel ca si povestea asta care a-nceput
Sa ne desparta in loc sa ne apropie!

Only we remained,
Although there are so many people around
Who have heard our sad story
A million times
And marveled
That it has not ended yet
That our hands still touch easily, while our eyes look at each other
Only we remained.

They, who look at us,
Can never contain in their minds
Why I still stay and pamper myself,
Why I smile and pretend I understand
When you say sweet words,
In fact I don't understand anything,
In fact you want to run,
You want it to end now,
And I try like a fool to stop you.
Like a fool I try to stop you.

Stay, you can't leave this way,
Stay, without leaving me something,
Stay, you can't leave this way
You are all I still have...
You are all I still have...

But, if you come
Know that I will not say anything to you,
About all those who lied to us
I will not say anything of those who changed our life
And kept us apart,
Our trust was shattered forever,
And I became like a fool trying to stop you,now,
Like a fool...
I try to stop you.


No one asked us
How much time passed
Each one separate
In the whole, I did not believe
Life next to me stayed
Next to you it began
Like a fool I call you now,
Like a fool I call you now...


We will see each other forever
And say things that, without our will,
Died a long time ago.
The same as this story which began
Separates us instead of bringing us closer!