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Šaban Šaulić "Ah meraka u večeri rane" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN RU

Ah meraka u večeri rane
Sastala se družba akšamlija
U šljiviku pod beharli granom
Aaaj.... rahatluku nigdje kraja nema
Gdje Fazila mezetlue sprema

Od ištaha i behar se kruni
U čašice pune šljivovice
Podvriskuju akšamlije rane
Aaaj... Dođ' Fazila mladosti ti tvoje
Natoči nam biser-suze svoje...

Aaaj.... bez sevdaha nema živovanja
Bez Fazile nema milovanja

Ah, what an easy living* in these early evenings,
A company of early-evening lovers got together
In the prune orchard, underneath a branch in blossom
Aaah... this loosening up with no end
Where Fazila is preparing all sorts of delicacies

For our enjoyment* even the blossom is falling down
Into the shots full of slivovitz brandy
The young early-evening lovers shout from excitement
Aaah... Come, Fazila, for the sake of your youth,
Pour us the diamonds of your tears...

Aaah... without "sevdah"* life makes no sense
Without Fazila caresses are just a pretense

*easy living - in Bosnian, it's the word "merak" of Turkish origin, accepted by many languages in the SE Europe. It's hard to translate, but in Bosnian "to have a merak to..." means "to (strongly) feel like doing something" etc.