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Aca Lukas "Reci" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN IT RU

Reci, reci, reci, reci

Da li ti je mama rekla
goli pupak s dijamantom
kad se vidi poziva na seks

Da li sam ja jedini
na ovom mestu ko te ne bi
istog trena popio na eks

Nos i usta probuseni
nokti crno namazani
pile moje, to se zove pank

Ne treba to sada meni
i obrni, i okreni
svidja mi se vise ovaj sank
reci, reci, reci

I ovaj stok sto pijem ja
od tebe je, znaj, stariji
i ovaj sat sto nosim ja
od tebe mi je stoput vazniji

Ja mogu sad da lazem te
i obecam nesto veliko
al' tebi tek sedamnaest je
a meni dva puta je toliko

Reci, reci

Da li biti zapazena
kobajagi opustena
tebi u zivotu znaci sve

Da li hoces pice jedno
a i to mi je svejedno
za ostalo, hvala lepo, ne
reci, reci, reci


Pa nema problema, reci!

did your mum tell you
a naked bellybutton with a diamond
when it is seen calls for s e x
tell me

am I the only one
in this place who wouldn't
right this moment drink you all up
tell me

nose and lips pierced
nails painted black
my little one (literally 'my chick'), that we call punk
tell me

I don't need that right now
turn and flip it around
I like better this bar (or just more, not more and mor)
tell me, tell me, tell me

and this whiskey (I guess (((: )that I am drinking
Is, you know, older than you
and this watch that I'm wearing
is 100 times more important to me than you

I can now lie to you
and to promise you something big
but you are only 17
and I, twice as old as that

tell me, tell me

to be noticed
as if relaxed
means everything to you in life
tell me

do you want a drink
and that too I don't care much about
for the rest, thanks, but no thanks
tell me, tell me, tell me

tell me

no problems, tell me, tell me