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Mohammed Fouad "Ma32oul" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN


La msh m32oul

El alb eli etmaneito, ya albi

Ma32oul atmanaak

W eli enta 7lmt fi yom be, ya albi

M32oul yb2a ma3ak

El layla ya 7abibo 2arrab mno

Wel layla ya 7abibo byes2al 3anno

La la la

Maloush 7a2 ykhaf

3eesh el 7elm 7a2i2a

3eesho fi kol d2ee2a

Waya tani tkhaf

Aw ashoufak khawaaf

La la la

Ew3a tkhaf, ew3a tkhaf ya albi

3ayez t3ref eh tani, ya albi

Maho 2alak b3ainai

W eli enta khoft t2oulu, ya albi

2alak howa 3alih

Is it possible

No, it is not possible

The heart you had hoped for, my heart

Is it possible that heart also hopes for you

And the one you have dreamt of once, my heart

Is it possible she is with you

Tonight get closer to her

And tonight she asks about you

No no no

He (his heart) doesn't have the right to be scared

Live your dream

Live it to the fullest

Beside her again you're scared

And don't let me see you afraid

No no no

Don't be scared, my heart don't be scared

What else do you need to know, my heart

She told you everything with her eyes

And what you've been afraid to say, my heart

She said it all to you