Mohammed Fouad "Tayeb Tayeb" Liedtext

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Tayeb Tayeb

garab melly ana do2to ma3akbokra 7atemshy tebos warakwe 7atet3azebet2al et2alew3a tefakareny malakla ya 7abeeby ana ha2sa 3aleekbokra teshoof el weel be 3eneekmesh 7at3atebwala hatkalemwa2t 3etabak3ada 3aleek

tayeb tayebsabrak 7abama3reft khalas eeh feehaostaz fi el aswa laken 3ala meendana yabny me3alem feehakeda keda ana keda ana fahmakma balash tetla3 awy feehabee3 mosh haz3alharda ha2balwe be aktar men keda feyawefteker en enta te3ebt we dokhtle7ad ma tewsal leyaba2a ba3d ma tetmasken tetmakenmana bardo el 7a2 3alaya

dana yama nasa7takteb3ed 3anylaken enta ekhtart gaza2ymashy be ra7tak law 3ayez howaana keda tab3y we da2yana sa3et el shar ma yeshtarana 3omry ma hab2a 3aleek ba2ylaw kan 3a2lak sawarlak enakmomken tel3ab youm beya3a2lak khada3ak ya 7abeebywe 7atshoof 3aks el 7eneyadana ayamy ma ye3lam beehawe mafeesh as3ab men layaleya3ayesh ader wala hamak7arakatak 3amal tedareehabetbee3 fi oloob el nas bet3azebnafsak wenta radeehawana gaay a3alem albak weaseebak tedam ba3deeha

3ayesh ader wala hamakbet3azeb nafsak wenta radeeha

tayeb tayebma3reft khalas eeh feehadana yabny me3alem feehama balash tetla3 awy feehaharda ha2balwefteker en enta te3ebt we dokhtba2a ba3d ma tetmasken tetmaken

Tayeb Tayeb

try what i've been through when i was with you tomorow you'll be walking and looking behind you and you'll suffer be easy ,easy don't you ever think that i'm an angel no ,my lover,i' being cruel to you tomorow you'll see the hell by your own eyes i won't be blamed nor i won't talk the time of your blaming (when you're suposed to blame) has passed away

ok, ok be patient a little bit it's over, you discovered the thing you're a teacher of cruality ,but who are fooling i'm a the master teacher like this ,like that ,i'm understanding you like that don't over estimate yourself betray i won't be mad i'll accept,i'll be satisfied i'll be more than what you think and remeber that you got tired and dizzy in order to reach me after you're playing the role of the poor ,you success it's my fault as well

i've always adviced you to get away from me but you've chosen my punishment it's ok, make your self comfortable (sorry i don't get this one) when the evil gets started i won't be left for you at all if your mind made you imagine that you can play by me one day so your mind had you fooled and you'll witness the opposit of the tenderness my days are never known and there's nothing harder than my nights you're living,you're not caring you're hiden your tricks more and more you're selling the heart of people and you're torturing yourself ,aknowlege and i'm coming to teach your heart and i'll leave you regretting after that

7arakatak 3amal tedareeha

sabrak 7aba ostaz fi el aswa laken 3ala meen keda keda ana keda ana fahmak bee3 mosh haz3al we be aktar men keda feya le7ad ma tewsal leya mana bardo el 7a2 3alaya