Hozier "Run" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: IT RO TR

Rare is this love, keep it covered
I need you to run to me, run to me, lover
Run until you feel your lungs bleeding

[Verse 1]
Oh but the pharaoh knows
Her hungry eye, her ancient soul
It's carried by the sneer in the night rule

Know what it is to grow
Beneath her sky, a punishing cold
To sow the light of her ancient misery

To be twisted by something
A shame without a sin
Like how she twisted the bug man
After she married him


[Verse 2]
But in all the world
There is one lover worthy of her
With as many souls claimed as she

But for all he's worth
He still shatters always on her earth
The cause of every tear she'd ever weep

Rushing ashore to meet her
Foaming with loneliness
White ends to follow and meet her
Give her his onliness