Chris Rea "Forever" Songtext

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Hearing nowThe sound of the waves breaking on the shoreFeel that sunLate in the dayIt's touching forever moreYou and meTogether we should beYou and meWe should be togetherForever

This place in timeCan never be replacedThis chance to seeWill go without a traceHow we really areIs how that we could beThe rest is useless painLet it go and you will seeWe all have plansBut it's not because ofWe just get full of what we really need

You and meTogether we should beForeverForever

You and meTogether we should beYou and me we should beTogetherForever

Hier finden Sie den Text des Liedes Forever Song von Chris Rea. Oder der Gedichttext Forever. Chris Rea Forever Text.