Mariah Carey "When I Saw You" Songtext

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When I Saw You

Soft heavenly eyes gazed into meTranscending space and timeAnd I was rendered stillThere were no words for me to find at allAs I stood there beside myselfI could see you and no one else

[Chorus:]When I saw youWhen I saw youI could not breatheI fell so deepWhen I saw youWhen I saw youI'd never beI'd never be the same

Only once in a lifetime love rushes inChanging you with the tideAnd dawn's ribbon of lightBursts through the darkWakening you insideAnd I thought it was all untrueUntil there all at once I knew


With no beginning andWithout an endYou are the one for meAnd it's evidentAnd your eyes told me soAnd your eyes let me know...


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