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Teoman "On Yedi" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

bosver beni
muhim degilim
bu onun hikayesi
cok beyazdi, kir tutardi
omru kelebek kadardi
mektuplari sisedeyken
bir de bakmis deniz yokmus
tek basina dans ederken
mutsuzluktan sarhosmus
daha onyediymis.
oyundan kalkmak isterken
kagitlar dagitilmis
bu hava boslugunda
artik her sey satilikmis
trafikte akmayan
hep onun seridiyken
soyledigi son sarki
elveda zalim dunyaymis
daha on yediymis

Forget me
I'm not important
It's her story
She was so white(it means pure,innocent,sinless) , she became dirty
Her existence likes a butterfly's lifetime
When her letters was in a bottle
She looked and there isn't a sea
She was drunk because of unhappiness
She was only seventeen
When she wants to get out of the game
Cards were handed out
In this turbulence
Everything was sale anymore
It was always her strip which is not run in the traffic
Her last song was
Goodbye cruel world
She was only seventeen...