Children's Songs "hila ya romana (هيلا يا رمانه )" Liedtext

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هيلا يا رمانه هيلا يمه

من هي الزعلانه هيلا يمه

ليزا الزعلانه هيلا يمه

منهو الي يراضيه هيلا يمه

أبوه يراضيه هيلا يمه

صايغ تراجيه هيلا يمه

محبس وكرداله هيلا يمه,

ياحلوه بسمته زادت حلاوته

من شافو طلعته متغمض أجفانه

ياروحي ياعمري ياحبي العذري

مليت من صبري والروح ولهانه

Hila Ya Rumana, Hila Mami

Who is she that is offended, Hila Mami (mother)

Lisa is the one that is offended (Hila Mami)

Who is going to comfort her (Hila Mami)

Her father is going to comfort her (Hila Mami)

He will make earrings for her (Hila Mami)

And a ring and necklace (Hila Mami)

The smile of the beautiful girl made her more sweet

When the others saw her appear,
No one was able to close his eyelid.

Oh my soul, my life and my parthenogenesis love,

I was bored from my impatience
And my soul is love (to see you).