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Jagjit Singh "Koi yeh kaise batye" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

koi ye kaise bataaye ke wo tanha kyooN hai
wo jo apna thaa wahi aur kisi ka kyooN hai
yahi duniya hai to phir aisee ye duniya kyooN hai
yahi hota hai to aakhir yahi hota kyooN hai

ik zara haath baDha deN to pakaD le daaman
uske seene meiN sama jaaye hamari dhaDkan
itni kurbat hai to phir faaslaa itna kyooN hai

dil-e-barbaad se nikla nahiN ab tak koi
ik loote ghar pe diya karta hai dastak koi
aas jo TooT gayee phir se bandhaata kyooN hai

tum asarrat ka kahO ya ise gham ka rishta
kehte hain pyaar ka rishta hai janam ka rishta
hai janam ka jo ye rishta to badalta kyooN hai

How does one explain being forlorn
The one that was our own, now belongs to another
If this is the world, why must it be so?
If this is how it transpires, why must it be so?

If received with open arms, one would hold on to the hem
In her bosom my own heartbeat comes together
If there's such propinquity, why is there such separation?

None have escaped the annihilation of a heart-break
Still someone knocks on the door of this pillaged home
Hope that was once severed, why does it fasten again?

You may call this an alliance of joy or heartache
They say love is a bond of a lifetime,
If it is lifelong then why does it change?