Arash "Bombay Dreams" Songtext

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Bombay Dreams

Sunrise, burning heatNothing is as travelled as a Bombay streetContradictions, city of extremesAnything is possible in Bombay dreamsSome live and die in debtOthers making millions on the InternetContradictions, city of extremesAnything is possible in Bombay dreams

This [?] is coming! Hip hip hooray!CNN cameras are here in BombayThe slums have to be painted right awayOr next year [?] will come from L.A.!

We eunuchs bring you luckGive us money, you will seeI can change your fortuneIf you are kind to meBut if you refuse usYou'll face adversityEven though we're notThe men we used to be

Life's never easyEvery day you struggle throughYou lean on meI lean on you

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