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Nicki Minaj "Sweetest Girl" Liedtext

When a good girl gone, she gone forever
See yu cant make it rain without the stormy weather
And its funny when it rains, when it rains it pours
Would of never happened if I stayed indoors
Would of never happened if I never traded in my textbooks
Cuz now Im hot but all the credits say its just looks
They say Im too sexy and say Im sellin out
Cuz when I come out niggas get they umbrellas out
I take the L cuz I dont want to see my brother lose
Been through it all but I could never fill my mothers shoes
And nahh I dont want no hand out, I just want my ad lips to get paned out

And I just wanna tell the girls that could feel me, That I just play the cards the nigga dealed me

See everything I been through could of killed me
That why I really aint nothin, yu could tell me
Yu see I live for the bill, I die for the bill
And I still make sure I read the bi to the bill
And every time I write Im persist in my skill
Its more outta life then just ice in ya grill
Fuck me lay me, Fuck yu pay me, This is what yu made me
Said yu want to drape me, turned around and raped me, Now yu aint mistake me

Where my girls at, where my girls at.
If they frontin then tell them where my money at. (Repeat)