Xavier Naidoo "That's the Way Love is" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: DE

Two people take a vow to be together
And live and love each other forever
They promise to love a lifetime
Funny thing,then they change their mind
They both go then seperate ways
And love is just a memory
But the young heart doesn't stay sad long
Another love comes soon along

That's the way love is (4x)

Two people don't get along
Deep down in both have feelings very strong
They try hard to conceal it
Their hearts burn 'cause both know they can feel it

That's the way love is (4x)

Lovers leave without reason
Feelings change just like seasons
In love nothing's for certain
There's no use in pretending what's behind the curtain

That's the way love is (4x)

And sometimes it's so unfair
Real feelings no longer there
Oh,that's the way love is
And sometimes it's rather fine
Love's feelings just ain't no denided
Hey,that's the way love is

That's the love way is (4x)

Uh,it's just the way love is