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Anna Vissi "Fabulous (English Version)" Liedtext

Put on my red dress
and I ain't gonna let nobody put me down
no need to impress
I'm fully loaded
and I might just shoot you down
Don't make a mistake
It's never too waste
It's never too late to be good
I'm having no money for nothing is sure
don't wanna be missunderstood
I want you to get it

Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like I'm right
Come on now gimme the sign cause I want the green light
You have to leave me alone if you don't want a fight
Because I'm feeling so hot tonight
I'm Fabulous

(I'm Fabulous)

I'm on the fast track
I'm like a speeding car
and I ain't slowing down
You can't stop me
cause I'm a tsoula
and I'm taking over down
don't tell me to stop
make it the cops
I belond not where they are
I'm cooler than ice, hotter than fire
what you decide I go back
I want you to get it


Tick tock, time flies
I can see it in your eyes
The way you look at me
You wanna get with me

Tick tock, don't stop
Yeah, I'm so fabulous
I bet you wanna be
The one that stands by me

Yeah, I'm so fabulous