Myriam Fares "Chouf Halak Aalayi شوف حالك عليي" Liedtext

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شوف حالك عليي تكبر لتشبع
ازرع كل حقدك فيي فلّ و ما ترجع

قول عني انانية
قول مش رومانسية
فش كل خلقك فيي
انا بعرف انك مقهور و قلبك لح يفقع

كيف بدك تقهرني و قول اشتقتالك
هلق بدك تعزرني ما عم حنلك

روح عل اشرافية و لصحابك اشكي
و قول اني نكدية و شو ما بدك احكي

Be arrogant on me
Put all your anger in me, Go and don't come back

Say that I'm selfish
Say I'm not romantic
Release your emotions in me
I know that your sad and your heart will explose ( you are jealous)

How you will defeat me and say that I miss you
Know you have to forgive me I feel nothing towards you

Go to Achrafieh (neighborhood in Beirut) and claim to your friends
Say that I am moody and talk whatever you want