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Fairuz "غنيت مكة" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

غنيت مكة أهلها الصيد
و العيد يملؤ أضلعي عيدا
فرحوا فلألأ تحت كل سما
بيت على بيت الهدى زيدا
وعلى اسم رب العالمين
علا بنيانه كالشهب ممدودا
يا قارئ لقرآن صل له،
أهلي هناك وطيب البيدا
من راكع ويداه آنستا،
أن ليس يبقى الباب موصودا
أنا أينما صلى الأنام
رأت عيني السماء تفتحت جودا
لو رملة هتفت بمبدعها
شجوا لكنت لشجوها عودا
ضج الحجيج هناك فاشتبكي
بفمي هنا يغر تغريدا
و أعز رب الناس كلهم
بيضا فلا فرقت أو سودا
لا قفرة إلا و تخصبها
إلا و يعطي العطر لاعودا
الأرض ربي وردة وعدت بك
أنت تقطف فإروي موعودا
و جمال وجهك لا يزال رجا
ليرجى و كل سواه مردودا

I sing for Mecca and it's people who are filled with pride,
as the joy of Eid filled my heart with happiness.

The people are filled with happiness because of Eid, with their houses sparkling(with lights) just like the sparkle of The house of God. (i.e the Kaaba)

And by the name of the Lord of everything, their buildings were towered up stretching out like the stars.

Oh, Qur'an reader pray for them, my people are there, pray and bring the name of God and a beautiful essence to the desert.

Those who kneel and their hands raised high(in prayer), the doors of heaven won't be closed to them, and their prayers will be answered.

Wherever someone prays, no matter their religion, the sky opens to receive their prayers(=God listens to everyone) and God blesses them with all good.

If a speck of sand sung out its happiness from the day to the creator, then it would be the string used to make music.

The sounds of the pilgrims of Mecca became louder with prayer, so attach yourself to my mouth and let us all sing in happiness of this day.

Oh, most precious good Lord, give all people good, no matter their gender or colour.

Don't leave a spot without making it green with plants, don't leave a dry straw without making it green and making it give out a pleasant smell.

Lord, this earth is like a flower, and you're the one who is meant to pick it up(=doomsday) therefore before picking it up water it first. (beautify it to the maximum)

And the beauty of your face still has hope and dreams in it, anything and everything without it is of no use.