Слова песни "Heavyweight"

Перевод на: TR

You think you are such a heavyweight
It don't mean nothing
At the end of the day
There is not a thing here left to break
I won't feeling nothing
There's nothing you can say to
Make me feel like I should walk away
I'll help you bear your heavyweight

You can take you anger out on me
oh, what's it matter
If my hope gets shattered
I will love you through all your mistakes
I'll carry you, your heavyweight

No matter what you do
No matter what you say
You're pulling punches
You're pulling punches
Hit below the belt
You give yourself away

I'm pulling for you
I'm pulling for you

Such a losing fight of me
Don't give up tonight
You'll be okay

You think you are such a heavyweight
But I'm sure of something
You don't have to be afraid to cry
Just show me how you've got inside
I can be your place to hide
If you would just release your pride
Win or lose, I'm by your side
Give up your heavyweight tonight