Слова песни "Another Stranger Me"

Перевод на: EL

A seed of doubt
It exists
And it grows
A glimpse of life
From somewhere deep within
Awake and understand

Is there anyone else here?
Somebody screaming
Please help me
Let's find out now
That I am not dreaming
Welcome to my damnation
Here it comes the real me

I didn't know
I couldn't hear the answer
My mind was blank
I should have known
I hold it back but somehow
There is someone else
Another stranger me

Another stranger me

When the ice
Will break away

I can't get out here
Cause none of my keys
Fit the door
There's fear and anger
Hate and love
I must confess
It's out of hand

It's cynic
It's cynic
Still cynic
All my laughter

It's cynic
Just manic
It's cynic
All her laughter

If there's anyone in
It soon will be over
We'll burn out
Our soul's aflamed
And we're on our own now
Give up you cruel invasion
You're insane I'll show you

Out and gone
Can't resist
Cold and sore
The bolt of pain
Keeps ripping through my head
I can take no more

Don't tell anyone else but
I do not believe her
She hates me
I cloud my mind
She's a deceiver
I can feel cruel vibrations
Would you like to meet me?

Another stranger me