Слова песни "Sellin Dreams"

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Welcome to Hell's paradise
I always heard life was a pair of dice
Seven, eleven, or a pair of eyes
As I'm looking at her smearing eyes
She yellin' "take them glasses off, yo eyes are the only things that not lyin'"
Not caring to the point that I stopped lying
I tell her I feel the same
She tell me "Nigga quit playin', you the only one that's not crying"
You said you wasn't on no steal your man shit
If I broke it off now we won't be on some friend shit
Man, what goes around comes around that ceiling fan shit
I broke the levy to your eyes that I don't give a damn shit

[Hook: Chris Brown]
And Time after time, it's the same old shit
Think it might be to late, for me to learn from my mistakes
I know that it hurts, I know that it hurts you
But you should have used your head first
This might be the biggest mistake, it's too late
Cause two can't be in first place

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
Wake up then, shit, call your ex and make up then
What was no strings attached got tangled when
Fun stopped being fun, and feeling tried to finagle in
We had that independent love, you tried to bring a label in
Girlfriend? Nah, I already got one
You need a good guy, and I'm already not one
She said we lost a kid already, I'm already not that young
My biological clock is ticking, I'm not just trying to have fun
Shits way different from us first chilling
Sometimes last words can have the worst ending
Which we could fast forward time and reverse feelings
Is there a warranty for love to return or fix it
She said you good either way
When it was her last night nigga and me today
You the man, huh? Getting all the TNA
You fucking her raw too, sharing our DNA?
Huh, and so on and so on
And the shit just always goes on
Nothing about us feeling right
But she'll be back before the end of the night