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Слова песни "Daughter of the Everglades" Rory Gallagher

Were you raised by the river
Down by the low, low land
Where the air is dark and sinister?
In the nigh there's no safe place to stand
Hid in the reeds are eyes that peek, voices I can't understand
Flamingos flying endlessly
To the silent sky

Daughter of the Everglades
You never made it clear
Daughter of the Everglades
If you want to be here
Child of the river
I never saw your tears

Well, you looked like your mama
Before you walked, you swam
Learned to makes snake tails stew
From your daddy, a crazy talkin' fisherman
In this place there is no law; the river makes all the rules
What they are I found out
When I came back to look for you

Daughter of the Everglades
Why did you bring me here?
Daughter of the Everglades
My love has turned to fear
Child of the river
Let me feel you near

Well, you laughed in them
But I knew after a year
That you'd cry in the city
I should have not brought you here
So far from the Bayou, down in the low, low land
Don't know why you left me
But now I understand

Take me back to the river
Down in the smoky ground
Where snakes crawl you don't cheat
By the river you live by now
In the swell of the river, the river sails so proud
I should have gone there with you
But now they tell me you have drowned

Daughter of the Everglades
I can feel you near
Daughter of the Everglades
I know I'll find you hear
Child of the river
I can't see for tears

Daughter of the Everglades
I want to feel you near
Daughter of the Everglades
I must find you here
Child of the river
I can't see for my tears

Исполнитель: Rory Gallagher
Альбом: Blueprint (1973)
Language: English

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