Слова песни "Falestin & Lebnan" Fadi Andraos

Перевод на: EN

Sar5et b a3la sawt

Ma shbe3to ya3ny b3d
Are you still not full from the blood that has been shed

Wa3ed damer el mawt

O ma kan you3a byawm
But the people's consciences have not woken yet

Flisteen ya jir7y ana

Ya sha3b 3umro ma n7ana

Ta terja3y inti lena

Bermi ana albi 7ajar (x 2)

La t5afy o la tsheily hamm

Min zalem 3am ye2zeeky

Bel rou7 jrou7ek menlem

Ne7na el rou7 mnefdeiky (x 2)

El sh-hade b2ardek 7ayat

O mein byes2al 3al 7ayat

Lamma byestash-hed feikyyy?

Flisteen ya jir7y ana
Ta terja3y inty lena

Be3rou2y biejry dammain

Flisteeny wel Lebnani

Lebnan b2alby

wel 3ayn 3aleiki 3al mail el tany (x 2)

Lebnany ard el abtal

Wel 7elm b3aynain rjal

Faw2 7dodo sehrany

Lebnan shu b7ibbak ana

Ya jbein 3aly o ma n7ana

O bmoot kermalak ana

Law da2 3a babak 5atar

I shouted very loudly

Men dam enhadar?

Death is a promise

Dameer el bashar

Palestine, my wound

The residents have never fallen/bowed

Not until you return to us

I shall throw my heart of stone

Don't be afraid nor carry any worries

From a wrongdoer mistreating you

With soul your wounds we pick up

We are the souls that are willing to die for you

The martyrs are the life in your soil

And who cares for life

When it testifies for you

Ya sha3b 3umro ma n7ana
Bermy ana alby 7ajar (x 2)

In my veins flow two blood

Palestinian and Lebanese

Lebanon is in my heart

And my eyes are on you for the comeback

Lebanon is the land of champions

And a dream in the eyes of men

Atop limits, she is sleepless

Lebanon, how I love you

A high forehead that has never fallen/bowed

And I would die for you

If danger should knock at your door