Слова песни "Secrets (Cellar Door)" Radical Face

Перевод на: FR IT

Drawn into the frost on the glass was a map pointing to my secret hiding place
It lead you to the tree with the split in its trunk on the way into your family's yard
In that tree you saw I brought the dog back to life

I watch you from the branches while you stared from the ground with a look I couldn't understand
So I said "leave me alone, if your only words are ugly ones"
And you just smiled and said "come and show me how it's done"

You dug up your old bird, and you held her to your chest as I breathed life back into her lungs
And she blinked and flapped her wings, she sang a familiar song
Before she took to the air and cut a path into the woods

And then I cried, because all my life I have known something was off
But you just shrugged and said: "it ain't just you"

Slipping on the pavement where we ran from the ghosts that you saw behind the cellar door
That's the way that you showed me that I wasn't quite alone
That you'd also touched the dead before