Слова песни "Eyam El Loulou ايام اللولو" Rola Saad

Перевод на: EN

إيّام اللولو شـــو هلَّلوا له
شو رشّوا ملبّس يا عيني شو زيّنوا له
بَرَم الدولاب و غاب
رجع ووقّف عالباب
دقدق يا ربّي شو دقدق ما فَتَحوا له
وين اللي كانوا حبايب زمان
سأل عليهن أهل و جيران
قالوا له ترَكوا الدّوالي
و سَكَنوا بقصور و عَلالي
و الليل بطوله ينده يا لولو
ينده يا ربّي شو بيندَه ما فتَحوا له
يا ليل
من يوم فراقك يا ولَدي بيّن هواهُنْ
و عالورد و الياسمين نسيوا اللي بكّاهُن
رُح في سبيلك يا ولدي وارحم زمانك
لا هن دواك في الهوى ولا إنتَ دواهُن
مهما يلوموني اللايمين
عن حبّه و أهله لاحلف يمين
سدّقنا و قلنا حبّونا يوم اللي
رجعنا باعونا

In the days of his prosperity she was there cherishing him
She showered him with sweet words and painted his life with rosy colours
And the times has changed and his situation's never the same
He has turned to her, knocking at her door
But she hasn't opened up for him
He's wondered where they are the days they were lovers
Looking for her everywhere asking everyone about her
But the answer is that she has gone, she's left their old place
to live in ivory towers
While he's been calling her name all night long
Calling her and she doesn't want to reply to him
Oh night
From the moment she let you down sonny
She's forgot the times when she used to cry for you
Go your way sonny and have mercy on yourself
She is not your cure and neither are you
No matter how they blame you
Promise yourself not to get weak in front of her love
You believed she loved you
But when you've needed her she's sold you