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Слова песни "Sen Ald?rma" İbrahim Erkal

Перевод на: EN

Sen ald?rma giderim buralardan

Bir pantolon bir ceket

Sen ald?rma giderim

Uzaklarda yasad?g?m? farz et

Anan senin anan yarim

Baban senin baban yarim

Bana duser cekip gitmek

Farz et dunya yalan yarim

Saclar?ndan tel kopar ver

Gonul nazl? bir sey ister

Beni sevdigini soyle

Bu bana bir omur yeter

Care gelmez aglamaktan

Ayr?l?r m? et t?rnaktan

Baska yol yok ayr?lmaktan

Farz et sevgi yalan yarim

dont worry , i will go away from here

one pants , one jacket

dont worry i go

assume tht i live far away

your mom is your mom,dear

your dad is your dad , dear

i am the one who has to leave

assume the world is a lie , dear

tear off a hair from ur head and hand it to me

the hearts wants something coquettish

tell me you love me

it will last me forever

there is no need to cry

does flesh leaves the soul?

there is no other way instead of letting go

assume that love is a lie , dear