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Слова песни "Yearbook" Tereza Kesovija

Перевод на: HR RU

Signatures of old friends
signed with many diffrent pens
signed with love and tender trust
signed with love that never rust
underneath the dust
the memories will always stay
though the sands of time slip away
you turn back the hour glass
to the class of yesterday.

One by one I turn the pages slowly
remembering faces that I knew
remembering laughter and some crying
and all of the fun things that we use to do.

Riding the bus and singing the school song
winning and losing football games
learning of pain
learning about the golden rule.

Falling in love for the first time
rushing to class five minutes late
the first date
and trying to be cool.

Wearing the class ring of my boy friend
the Senior prom and Final exams
shaking hands
on the last day of school.

One by one I turn the pages slowly
looking at pictures of old friends
wondering where they are now
and wishing that I could see them
once again.