Слова песни "Fight For You" Pia Mia

Перевод на: EL ES

[Verse 1 - Pia Mia:]
We live in our own world
We feel the way that we create
Who ever knows what's real
Turn your backs to appreciate

[Pre-Chorus - Pia Mia:]
And the day is gonna come
And the day is gonna come
And the day is gonna come
When you decide who you'll become

[Chorus - Pia Mia:]
I know you know it, you know it
But you can't go choosing sides
But if you just show it, let me know it
Then I'll fight for you tonight
I'll fight for you
I'll fight for you tonight

[Verse 2 - Pia Mia:]
We take each other's love
We know the way to use it all
The world can't turn enough
It never changes up for us



[Bridge - Pia Mia:]
Keep on fighting
Keep on fighting yeah, can't stop 'til it's time
'Til it, 'til it comes back

[Verse 3 - Chance The Rapper:]
You don't gotta fight no more
This is my war, put down your sword
Pack up, I'm strapped up, I got this, I promise
I think this is what they make back-up for
This is my score
Let me put something on the board
Your hand me down handicap secondhand trouble
That you try to juggle
You need a hand, hand me that
I'll hold the duffle, you shovel
I love you like blood do
Sea your shell scuffle and triumph
I beat your demons, now wipe off your Sandy back
Shore, we fall, but standing back to back
I can't evacuate you in this situation
Tie your shoelace, I fall behind
You wait for, it's your boy
Got you forevermore
Rest your poor, bruised body and relax, war!