Слова песни "Ahsasak Eih" Mahmoud El Esseily

Перевод на: EN

احساسك ايه النهارده
وانا جايلك في بيتك
جاي اقول لاهلك
قد ايه انا حبيتك

جاي للبيت بحاله
متكلم يوم بطوله
جوة قلبي الكلام
بس يا رب اعرف اقوله

وأكيد قلبك بيرقص
وأكيد قلبك قلقان
ما أنا برضو زيك واكتر
مستني من زمان

اليوم اللي تبقي فيه دايما حواليا
افضل احبك واشيلك جوة عنينا

اقرب الناس لقلبي
جايين كمان معايا
ده أبويا ودي أمي
وأختي طبعا عارفاها

وطبعا ابن خالتي
قاعد في البيت مستني
مش عايز يكلمني
أصله خايف أكتر مني

What are your feelings today
As I am coming to your house
I'm coming to tell your parents
How much I love you

I'm coming to see everybody in the house
Talking the whole day
The words are in my heart
But I hope I can say them

Certainly you are nervous (your heart is dancing)
And certainly you are (your heart is) worried
But I am like you and even more
Having waited for so long

The day that you will always be around me
I will continue to love you and care for you

The closest people to my heart
Are also coming with me
This is my father and this is my mother
And of course you know my sister

And of course my cousin
Is sitting at home waiting
He doesn't want to call me
Because he is more afraid than I am