Слова песни "Agmal Nesa El Donya" Saber Al-Roubai

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Agmal Nesa2 El Donia
Goa 3yoonek Enty
Agmal Nesa2 El Donia
Enty Ya Habebty

Khadny El Gharam
Khadny Le Hekyet Hob 7lwa
3esht Beeha Shoft Feeha
Agmal Hayaa

Ana Mosh Mesd2 Nafsy
Enek Been Edya
Mn Youm Ma Hodnek Khadny
Mesh Betnam 3enya

Goaya Shoo2 Ad El Hannan
Elly Fe 3eneeky Roo7y Feeky
Nazra Leeky Hya El Hayaa
Agmal Nesa2 El Donia
Fi 3ania Ana

Edret Ta5odny Fe Sania
Mn Roo7y Anaaa
Wa3d mny Ma7b Ghereek
Fl Wogood

E7sas Gameel Goaya
Aktar Ml Gharam
Welly Mabeeny We Beenek
Akbar Ml Kalam
E7sas Gedeed Khadna Leb3eed
Maloosh 7dood
you're more beuatiful than all women

the most beautiful woman of the world
is inside your eyes
the most beautiful woman of the world
is you my lover

the passion took me
took me to sweet love stories
i lived by it and saw in it
the most beautiful life

i can't believe myself
that you are in my hands
since the moment your arms huged me
my eyes can't sleep

inside me there is mising as much as the tenderness
that's in ur eyes ,my soul is you
the look at you is the life
the most beuatiful woman of the world
to my eyes is you

she could take me in a second
from my own soul
a promise from me, i will not love someone else but you
in the existance

a beautiful feeling inside me
more than love
and what's between you and me
is bigger than words
a new feeling took us away
it has no limit
Agmal mn Kol El Nesaa2