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Слова песни "Tebe da zaboravim" Šaban Šaulić

Перевод на: EN DE RU

Vidjaju me cesto
sa ovom i onom
kako im drustvo pravim
a ja tek tako po neku imam

Ref. 6x
Tebe da zaboravim

Ne menja se nista ni juce ni danas
al' cekam nove zore
k'o da te vidim, k'o da te cujem
usla si u dusu, usla si u srce i u moje bore

Ref. 9x

They see me often
with this or that one*,
how I accompany them,
but only once in a while do I have one

Chorus 6x
To forget you

Nothing is changing, not yesterday, not today
but I await new dawns.
(It's) like I see you, like I hear you,
you've entered my soul, entered my heart and my wrinkles.

Chorus 9x