Слова песни "Green Light" John Legend

Перевод на: FR IT ES

[Hook: John Legend]
Give me the green light
Give me just one night
I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now (Let's go!)
I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now

[Verse 1: John Legend]
I see you move, I'm checking your smile
Workin your back like, it's going out of style
Shake just a little bit faster
Shake just a little now girl
Dying to meet you, so let's mess around
Got an obsession, of us getting down
Come just a little bit closer
I just need permission soooo


[Interlude: Andre 3000 and John Legend]
One, two, three - green light
Well, if it's what it seems like
They way you're movin' baby let's me know that's it's gon' be right
I'm - (I'm ready to go right now) Ah, ah
I'm - (I'm ready to go right now)
A-one, two, three - red light
I wanna see what your bed's like
But if I be your buddy, get you studied, is yo' head right?
I'm - (I'm ready to go right now) Ah, ah
I'm - (I'm ready to go right now)

[Verse 2: John Legend]
Do I have a girlfriend? Well, technically no (NO!)
If you be my girlfriend, then I'll make it so
You'll be my only true lover
No competition, no other (no other)
Baby, it's just, the thrill of the chase
I've got a feeling, I'm winning this race
Baby, I'm in much closer
I just need permission so

[Hook + Interlude]

[Verse 3: Andre 3000]
So I went hard like Medusa starin at me
I told her, "Let's go, let's blow this lame nigga factory"
She said, "What kind of girl do you think that I are?
The kind that you meet in a bar?
You think you can get whatever you want cause you some kind of star"
No, I'm a comet; I just want you woman
Hey, if I were you then it would be me that I'd go home with
Three, the one and only, one thing you ain't considered
I heard you when you told your girl, "Ooh, he can get it" - admit it
You did it! Let's hop a cab, and split it
I'm kiddin! We both goin' to where you livin'!
Eh-HAH!! I got you giggling like a piglet - oh, that's the ticket?
I hope you more like, Anita Baker, than Robin Givens
No, I don't know that lady, so let me quit it
I'm just stylefreein', freestylin' which I seldom do
This is what I'm tellin' you, to the bed I'm nailin' you
Like I've been in jail for two, years and then they let me loose


[Overlap: Andre 3000]
You got you one, Legend!
Sometimes you gotta step from behind that piano!
And let 'em know what's going on
Even Stevie Wonder got down sometimes..Hahaha!
I'm ready to go! My mandate can't wait