Слова песни "The Glow" Disney Soundtrack

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When you feel like you're ready to go
Somewhere you've never been
Make a wish and the dream in you grows
Shining as bright as day
Carrying you far away

The story begins with a light in your heart
A fantasy, a dream and a spark
Once you believe you are ready to shine
The princess inside you will show
You are the glow, you are the glow

Look around, take in all that you see
You just might be surprised
In a world of enchantment and pure majesty
You'll be discovering
The princess that you're meant to be

The story begins with the light in your heart
A fantasy dream and a spark
Once you believe you are ready to shine
Bright as the world's ever known
You are the glow

Feel your strength, you can face the world
Believe every day, everything is possible
A magical journey awaits


Whoa, you are the glow

Исполнитель: Disney Soundtrack
Language: English

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