Yara "Sho Betmana" Слова песни

Перевод на:en

شو بتمنى يضل النوم وتبقى إيدي عـ كتافك
تاخدني لدنيا أحلام واغفى عـ همس شفافك
أحزري أديش زرعتلك بقلبي ورد وزهور
والله ما عاش ما عاش غيرك يأطفها
حياتي طيش دونك أنا يا يا حياتي طيش
ما بعرف ليش ليش غيرك ما عشقت يوم
* * *
I wrote your name between my papers
وحطيت بقلبي الكتاب
وردة منك عطرها باقي
وراح نرجع من بعد غياب
أحزري أديش دعيتلك من قلبي أنا أديش
يا الله صون صون صون ملاكي
ما بيسوى العيش دونك أنا ما بدي العيش
ما بدي فوأ فوأ بدي أشبع حلاااااكي
أحزري أديش

How much I wished to remain sleeping and to keep my hand on your shoulders

To take me to the world of dreams , and to take a catnap on your lips whisper

Guess how many flowers and roses I've transplanted for you in my heart

I swear , that wouldn't live anybody pick it , except you ( means she is the only one who has rights to pick his flowers ,you know )

My life is recklessness without you , O my life! it is.

I don't know why , why didn't I ever fell in love with somebody else except you
ktabte esmak beyn wra2i

and I put the book inside my heart ( means the book composed of the papers which contains his/her name)

A rose from you , its parfume remaining

and we will come back after an absence

Guess , how many times I prayed for you from my heart , Guess how much ?

O god , protect protect protect my Angel

Life has no sence without you , I don't want the Life

I don't want superficiality (some) , I want to be saturated of your sweetness
Your sweetneeess

Guess how much ?