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Слова песни "Popij me kao lek" Ceca

Перевод на: EN RU ES SV

Pusti da budem casa
iz koje pijes
necu ti dati vise ja
suze da lijes

Popij me kao lek
produzicu ti vek
uzmi me kao dar
i nikad neces biti
sam ni star

Pusti da budem jastuk
na kome spavas
jer samo pored mene
slatko ces da sanjas


Pusti da budem pesma
kojoj se divis
jer uz tu pesmu dragi
lakse ces da zivis


Let me be the glass
from which you drink
I'll not allow you
to weep your tears.

Drink me like a drug
You'll live longer
Take me as a gift
And you'll never be alone
or old.

Let me be the pillow
Where you sleep
Because you'll sleep well
only when I'm beside you.

Let me be the song
You admire
Because with that song,dear
you'll live easily.